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Music serves many purposes in our lives. Sometimes we use it to energize ourselves, and other times we use to quiet our inner universe. For this latter purpose, there are many forms of music that are just as beneficial to the spirit as drinking a cup of soothing tea. This music is useful for a wide range of situations, and depending on how you choose to use it, it can benefit your health on a mental, emotional or physical level.

When to Listen to Calming Music

There are some obvious uses for calming music — such as for sleep — and some others that you may not have thought of before. These 7 ideas for when to listen to relaxing music are just a starting point. You can listen to this music anytime, whether you need a mental break or just something calm to play in the background.

1. During Meditation

Meditation is more popular than ever, and it’s not just for spiritual people anymore. There are many secular forms of meditation, including mindfulness. When practiced consistently, meditation decreases stress, anxiety and depression. It improves focus, concentration and sleep. 

Meditation is a very simple practice, but that doesn’t make it easy. For those who are accustomed to letting their thoughts race from topic to topic, it can be difficult to redirect that attention. Meditation music makes it much easier — which also makes you more likely to practice regularly.

2. During Yoga

Yoga is one of the few forms of exercise that calms your mind at the same time that it exercises your body. Your heart rate may increase over the course of your practice, but by the time you reach the final pose, you’re likely to feel much clearer-minded. Yoga music is the perfect accompaniment to this beneficial workout.

With all the potential distractions during a yoga class — like comparing yourself to other yogis or thinking of your to-do list — it can be difficult to settle into the practice. Yoga music is a way to overcome all those distractions and enjoy the full range of benefits that yoga provides.

3. Before Bed

If you tend to feel that sinking feeling of dread when your alarm goes off in the morning, it’s likely because you’re not sleeping enough — or not well enough. A few simple steps will help you rest more deeply and feel refreshed in the morning, and music can play a key role.

Make sure you’re going to sleep around the same time every night, and use your bed only for sleep. Establish a healthy night-time routine, being careful not to eat right before bed. Turn off the lights, turn off any computers or phones, and turn on some tranquilizing music as you relax in your sheets.

4. During Your Commute

This idea isn’t so useful for those who have to drive to work, since you wouldn’t want to relax too much at the wheel. However, if you take public transportation to work, your commute may be exactly the right time to listen to calm music. 

Subways and buses can be stressful, which compounds the stress that the simple act of starting a work day can cause. Giving yourself those morning hours or minutes to maintain a quiet mind makes a world of difference during the rest of your day.

5. Before Tests or Interviews

Soothing music is also great for times of particularly high anxiety or stress, like when you’re on your way to an important test or interview. It’s easy to get caught up in re-rehearsing answers to questions or cramming more information into your head, but when you’re already en route to those events, there’s not a lot more preparation that you can do. 

The most useful step at that point is to remain calm and confident, rather than letting nerves jumble up your thoughts. Music can take you there more efficiently than willpower alone.

6. During Nap Time

If you have children in the house who take naps, you’re familiar with the difficulties of getting a child to fall asleep and stay asleep. Some kids are fussier than others, but they all need adequate rest throughout the day in order to be at their best when they wake up. 

To help your little ones sleep peacefully, invest in some kind of white noise generator to cover up any outside sounds, and then play the calmest music that you can find.

7. In the Bath

This last idea is perfect for an occasional treat. After periods of high stress or strong emotions, sometimes the only thing that can reset your brain to zero is a long hot bath. Get the most out of your next indulgent bath by infusing your bath with calming essential oils and playing some slow, relaxing tunes. The right type of music can elevate this experience to one that will melt all your worries away.

If you can think of any other ways to use calming music that aren’t listed here, all the better — the more calm moments you insert into your day, the more peaceful you will feel. Using music to reduce stress doesn’t just make you feel good, however. The calming effect of music also provides a foundation for your overall health to improve.