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About me

Hi, my name is Robert, I live in Germany and I'm passionate about healthy lifestyle and self development.

As most people, who choose the path of mental and spiritual growth, I've had my obstacles and crisis in life to overcome. As always life is the best teacher.

I used to grow my mind by reading a lot of books about spiritual and personal development of so many traditions and was trying to integrate and make use of it in daily life. During all the years I found meditation and any kind of introspection as most helpful to deal with the lessons life served me.

Now I want to give something back for the help that was bestowed on me on my path and share some of the experiences and insights I learned.

Brainwave entrainment music was one method I found very useful to deepen meditation sessions, to fall asleep easier or to maintain confidence throughout the day. On this site I want to make the most inspiring and effective music available for you...